So recently I have been getting asked a few questions from some who are not sure about resistance training mixing with their running and endurance training programs.  To save the hassle I have listed a few and my answers to each!


1.) Won’t I gain body fat if I cut back my running volume and replace it with resistance training?

Not at all! Try to forgo the bad rep resistance training gets.  It actually is the best way to burn fat off your body! It is because of a term called “Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption,”(EPOC).  This is just a fancy way of saying that when you resistance train,  your metabolism is elevated afterwards for a significant amount of time.  It has been shown that EPOC is directly related with the intensity of your sessions.  So lets say you get a great session with me on Saturday.  Well, when you go home and even up until Sunday night, you could be sitting watching Sunday night football and burning up to 30% more calories than what you normally would be! Talk about a great benefit!! Unfortunately, those long, steady state, slow boring cardio sessions on ellipticals and roads DO NOT have that effect.  So if your trying to battle the bulge, stick with resistance training!

On another note, you also see “ultra-marathoners” that are stick skinny, but have higher body-fat levels.  This is due largely in part because the high mileage results in an increase in cortisol levels which lowers testosterone in the body.  This endocrine fluctuation leads to a loss of muscle mass (which burns a lot of calories) and an increased tendency to store body fat.  So keeping your hormone levels in check is very important for losing the flab and can be hindered with long slow sessions.

2.) I have limited time to train; wouldn’t I be better off just running if time is limited?

It depends on what you call “limited.” From my own experience, I feel like many runners can ALWAYS make time to run, but when it comes to resistance training, they come up with every excuse in the book.  It can be easier to walk out the door and run, but resistance training can be the same way.  You just have to do a little planning ahead of time.  Success comes with preparation right!? So, on Sunday night, while you are watching the football games and still burning calories from Saturday’s session, make a PLAN to fit in resistance training 2-3 times that week!

Also, dont forget about an important stdy done.  They tested a group of college athletes and had then drop from 6-7 runs per week to 4, while replacing the lost 3 with resistance training.

The Result?

Their running times improved drammatically with only replacing a mere 32% of slow running with body-weight workouts.

Just think how much your times will improve with the Insanely awesome workouts I have designed for you! Those studies were done by replacing just with body-weight exercises! Think of the possibilities!

3.)  Won’t resistance training make my muscles bigger? I don’t want all that weight holding me down!

Resistance training is not defined through muscle growth by any means. The volume of exercise makes it difficult to get enough calories in to support muscle gain.  That means most of it relies on muscle density and genetics.  If it was easy to get muscular and bulky, everyone would be walking around with huge muscles popping out of the sleeves.  Not happening.  Also, with the programs I have created, you will be constantly moving, which means your constantly burning fat and your metabolism will thank you.  So don’t worry about getting bulky through resistance training, and especially my programs.  It has no credibility and would never happen. Period.

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