Here’s a simple way to boost your workout fat burning potential
by a MASSIVE 30%.

It comes from research done at Syracuse University that was
published in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research.

Scientists wanted to see if Superset training – like that found
in HLW’s Double Dare Program – would burn more calories than traditional
resistance training (that’s the kind you might be doing now).

The “guinea pigs” in the study were 10 young men, and the
subjects did 2 workouts separated by at least 7 days.

The workout consisted of 4 sets of 6 exercises, and they did 10
reps per exercise. Pretty standard program.

In one condition, the subjects did the exercises in supersets,
while on the other day they did the exercises in “straight sets”
like you’d read in a bodybuilding magazine (that’s the less
effective way and takes twice as long).

Results showed that the superset workout burned almost 30% more
calories per minute than the traditional workout.

30% more calories!

Plus, the researcher also discovered that the superset workout
burned more calories during the “post-exercise (EPOC)” period (that
means supersets will help you burn more calories while you
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