You ever wonder what you would have on the “ABOUT ME” page of a book you may some day publish?

What can you sum up your life to be…

What would you want others to know about you…

What events would you include/exclude and maybe elaborate on…

Well, starting off 2017, I had a newspaper columnist ask me my story…

My background…

What and where I want to take health and fitness in 2017….

At first, I had a big, “WOW” factor that seemed to cross my mind….not sure of what I wanted to say, and just excited to know someone, somewhere could be reading the life story of me…

So…I put on my thinking cap…and first realized how we are in the 21st century….so I have to be short, sweet, and to the point with my story.

I wanted my readers to know and understand where I came from…what happened along the way, and where I want to go.

I mean, I truly think it’s important, right? For my followers and members to see the direction I want to head and maybe answer some questions as to why this or why that…

 So here we go:

  • I grew up not rich, not poor. I came from a family full of LOVE and support. Family events were huge! Get togethers, trips, and celebrations always brought us together.
  • I was a majorly athletic kid, at an early age. I always credited this to my parents for always wanting me outside. I remember NEVER being in, and always playing football, soccer, hockey, basketball, biking, rollerblading, etc all through my childhood years.
  • I exerted high school playing 3 sports. Of which, I chose soccer to pursue after graduation and headed to Virginia Wesleyan on a scholarship.
  • I had the BEST friends in high school, and although they seemed to torment me because of my size and generosity, I felt like they loved me for me, and I would always be out with them as a teenager.
  • Giving was always big to me. I loved to give, loved to help, and loved to be accepted, never ridiculed.
  • I tended to be a leader, wanting people to follow my thoughts and beliefs.
Showing y “trainer in me” with fitness at such young age. (:
  • College was a BIG life changing time for me. I went from being on an all time high….to having what therapists later called, “The Triple Whammy” affect with relationships, sporting events, and family matters. All this took a huge play in my academic choice of Engineering.
  • VWC didn’t have it, so I became the first student to cross enroll to Old Dominion to take Engineering courses while playing soccer and taking a full course load there. The overwhelming effect this all had on me combined with the big three made me change how I was.
  • I began training HARD. I developed a “perfectionist” mindset…always measuring, eating so clean you could compare my diet to the inside of a brand new car, ha. This let to a multitude of diet overhauls…trying everything out there.
  • I stopped drinking, began reading what I found I loved and had a passion about….fitness.
  • I read, and read, and read…took jobs at facilities and assisted training high end athletes, trying to see how hard they worked.
  • I got so lucky to develop some great relationships with fitness professionals who worked with schools and athletes and learned under them, watched them, trained with them, and would be at 4 am beach workouts in the sand, hill sessions, and inside gym sessions.
Me together with Bailey
  • I knew I had a gift, a passion, love, and connection with fitness that was uncanny to what I have seen others in the profession have. I “breathed” fitness, and even became known as the “fit king” on our soccer team. No one would ever touch me in runs, lifts, and fitness. I had it down to a science, outworking and pushing my body to limits I never thought possible.
  • To this day, I credit the triple whammy to this success, and I used something negative in my life to embrace a special gift from God.
  • One summer after my soccer career was over, I began training for triathlons….I found out I was actually pretty darn good. I was so strong upper body wise that I could save my legs in the swim and have kick butt power for the bike and run. I felt like it was the one thing I was good at. Fitness.
  • I qualified for a junior national championship, and was training that summer on on my way home from a ride in Caledonia State Park…about 48 miles in…1 mile from my house…I was struck head on by a pick up truck in the berm of the road.
  • Fractured femur, knee cap, 2 torn ACLS, MCL, and Patella Tendon along with 2 labral tears in my shoulder and a concussion was some of the outcome. I was told running and working out hard again was not in the books for me.
  • Multiple surgeries, STEM CELL injections, PRP, and therapy were in my cards, and none of which…seemed to go well or help.
  • Depression hit, I laid around moaning and groaning over life, why me, why this, what do I do….
21st Birthday….Seems just like yesterday
  • Never returned to finish Engineering, 168 credits, only needing 1 more semester.
  • I had my “come to jesus” moment about one year after, and began using everything I read and knew about health and fitness to recover, get stronger, break out of my element, and get back to doing what I love.
  • Hated not being able to work out so much it just propelled me more to get better.
  • After 2 years of work…I got myself back, and at that point….a huge contributor to my healing was Dr.Brad Jahn and Susquehanna Chiropractic.
  • This let to me working as a sub-contractor for many small facilities and tried selling myself as a good trainer making no money and working day in and day out, locally. Yes, never went back to school to my moms dismay.
  • I then found out Brad had a side job of storing and selling equipment…
  • Asked him if I could get a couple pieces, the space, and if he would help with rent while I trained 60 days and prove to him I could get it to grow.
  • I grew. I promoted. I worked. I developed relationships. I had awful encounters….some relationships requiring me to get therapy because of how hard of a mental effect they had on me. WHY? Because I was personable. I loved helping others. I just wanted to see everyone who breathed my training and my facility to have the best experience and I did it no matter what.
  • I worked all day and night. Lost sleep, and build myself a brand, Over-Achieve Fitness. The people behind me believed in me. Knew I had a gift, and I even became self-aware I had a gift….especially with how I had ZERO self confidence.

Some of the special folks behind the growing success of Over-Achieve Fitness.

  • Yes, NONE. No confidence in myself or my image. Showered in the dark, hated the way I looked. Never believed anyone who said I looked good or handsome. I never would look at myself in the mirror. Felt timid and scared to be out in public because of the fear of people thinking I was not normal.
  • BUT, I had a different vibe inside MY GYM. I had an aura about myself. I feel confident in every word out of my mouth, every training plan, every workout, every single thing related to my business…I felt on top of the world with.
  • Almost like I was a completely different person inside my gym….and that person is who Megan fell in love with….yes, Meg came to a bootcamp workout one night, and I found out she was a soccer player and from there we clicked….until one night after all the bootcamps I was cleaning up and she drove BACK in to the gym, walked through the front door, and laid the biggest kiss on me I ever had(while I was holding bumper plates). This was the first kiss I had in years and since my college triple whammy time frame.
  • We fell in love, my gym grew, I began developing more confidence about myself.
  • OAF, “get in, get fit, get results”, the OAF addiction, it was all so real…..
  • SO much, so powerful, so family-like….we all love and support one another….we all had the best times, seeing each other grow in life and fitness.
  • I grew to a point I need more room, and happened to be at the east time the beat down shopping center was beginning an overhaul….so I made a proposal and met with the landlord…
  • I moved to a unit 3-4 times the size, opened loans, borrowed money I didn’t have, and put EVERYTHING I had into this new gym.
  • Opened it January 2nd of 2016, and at my open house, proposed to Megan in front of hundreds.
  • A year later, we are married, bought and built a house, and have a fantastic gym and member base, ALL centered around one BIG principle….

  • FAMILY…..
  • We love and support one another. Everyone who knows me knows I only want the BEST for them, and I want to see them reach EVERY goal possible! I just want to make sure everyone is happy…which I struggle to do and am finding out just how hard it can be sometimes.
  • The year flew by…my gym went from me doing all the work night and day, with no sleep and a beat down ego…to a thriving facility with the most supportive members, and now over a dozen staff members….and even my MOM as a trainer.
  • I still, to this day, HATE when people are upset with me, and take everything personally.
  • I am finding out how to balance work and life, now having Meg and a new role in my business.
  • I am a routined person, who just simply did everything he could DOING WHAT HE LOVED, to get where I am today…
  • I fully believe hard work pays off. You never have will have to work a day in your life if you love what you do.
  • Currently my facility is my second home. I train, work, and change people’s lives daily there.
  • I love my trainers and staff. They all make me smile, love my job, and help me each day with the tasks and things we need to take care of.
  • I love my dinner time with Meg. I don’t see her much or get “us time”…so the 45 minutes we take together to eat and walk is something I will never give up.

This all may seem overwhelming and crazy to think about when it comes to my life…but I assure you that every ounce of it is true and how I live my life.

My Buddy for life! <3

From day one, all I ever wanted is to help others. I love the feeling of seeing the smiles and looks on my clients faces when they see the results, increase their lifts, or just start feeling better overall.

It’s true….fitness can go far past just giving quantitative results and staggering before/afters….I have watched and transformed demeanors and relationships….perspectives and outlooks…and to be honest….those are the ones that hit home the most to me. Seeing someone become happier and live life fuller, adding in health and fitness….just makes me smile so big!

Which led me to my goals and direction for Over-Achieve and my members for 2017!

You know…..Franklin County is ranked in the top 5 for obesity in the COUNTRY!


Staggering stat? Yes, but I look at it as an opportunity. One to grab ahold of, and start little by little…changing lives. Sure, there will be some who don’t give me and Over-Achieve the light of day…..some will make fun, some will cringe at the thought of training the way we do…

But I just take, for example, a lady who walked into my office last week….losing her job, gained nearly 40lbs, and has turned to food and a lazy lifestyle as a coping mechanism. Desperate and saddened by the unsupportive husband and family….she reached out to ME and Over-Achieve. I gave her the best of what I had to offer and told her I would change her life.

A month later, she is down 14 lbs and found a job!

This is a victory for me! This is exactly why I do what I do. Over-Achieve is not just a place to workout. It’s a complete life changing experience….one that will leave you with more confidence than you ever had….more self esteem, more friends, and more results than you eve thought possible.

I see nothing short of this in 2017. I aim to work little by little, changing the mindsets of those in our area! Whether it’s by seeing opportunities in local businesses and pursuing more employee wellness, or if its by sponsoring and supporting more charities and local events to help give Over-Achieve a foot in the door to how we can help change lives.

In short, here are a list of some goals for Over-Achieve in the upcoming year:

  • Having a bigger and more professional online system for workouts and “out of the area” clients.
  • Internal growth through a larger array of services being offered more than just bootcamp.
  • Develop more employee wellness programs to help local businesses have a outlined fitness plan to reduce cost of healthcare and doctor visits.
  • Help my members achieve each and every goal they set for themselves.
  • Keep the “family atmosphere” growing deeper and deeper, having each & every member support one another inside and outside our walls.
  • Develop a more systemized nutrition process that can be offered on various levels.
  • Pushing more local area athletes to train at Over-Achieve to help them reach their ultimate potential, preparing them for the next level of training.
  • Improve the structure and format of all our workouts.( Never settling for average or thinking what we have is great. Always room to improve).
  • Be present in 3-5 conferences that will help further the development of my business.

OAF’s Motto: Be STRONG!


Summing up….

We all know we want 2017 to be a year to remember. Everyone has goals, dreams, “to-do’s” that you want to add to your agenda….

Just remember that nothing in life ever comes easy. Hard work pays off, and massive action must take place to reach the goals you want to achieve!

Sitting around and waiting will just take you further from them. Hopefully this post helps you all realize a little about where I came from, what I did, and where I want to go….

Now it’s your turn…

Comment below your thoughts on my post and your 2017 health related goal! Time to make yourself accountable!

The time is now! Its YOUR time!


Have a wonderful week,

Coach Mikey

Making the Best ME

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