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About The OAF Facility


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With its motivating, non-threatening and friendly atmosphere, Over-Achieve Fitness offers positive and knowledgeable support with personal workouts and a variety of classes.

Mike Over, owner of Over-Achieve Fitness, uses his passion for fitness to drive himself and his clients. Due to his wide range of knowledge and understanding of exercise, fitness, and nutrition, workouts and programs are created to meet individual needs. Not only consistently serious workouts will be provided, but clients will be pushed, guided and motivated to achieve results.

Through hard work and dedication these results will be attained. Hard work and dedication-two of the greatest beliefs of Over-Achieve and its trainer.

A diversity of skills, ages, and various stages of fitness will be evident at this gym. Private training, semi-private, small group and advanced group sessions are offered and consist of high energy and encouraging support not only from the trainer but among the members themselves.

Being a distinguished athlete in both high school and college, Mike has a great desire and is working with area athletes in developing and expanding their fitness and skills.

Already possessing state of the art equipment unlike any in the area, Over-Achieve Fitness is in the process of a major expansion. More equipment will be arriving and new classes added including Virtual Row and Spin Classes.


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Over-Achieve Fitness is the facility to begin and continue to reach and go beyond your fitness goals. From personal attention, to daily updates through emails, to easy scheduling online, to receiving support not only from trainers to other members, you will not only achieve your goals, but Over Achieve at this gym.


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