Did you know?

  • Our average bootcamp client is 30-60 years old. About 75% of our bootcampers are women but men love the training too!
  • In each workout we are able to modify safely for challenges and injuries. If you come to us with old injuries/aches/pains we help reduce/eliminate them! There are ways to train around EVERY injury! That is what we do best!
  • Our trainers are well educated and have the knowledge and experience to help you safely and effectively reach your personal goals.
  • Research shows that those who workout in groups get better results in less time than those who workout alone!
  • ACE proved that group fitness was going to be the trending form of exercise in 2015, and will continue to grow in 2016!

General FAQ’s

  • Can I buy a monthly membership just to use the facility and equipment?

    YES, but only if you purchase the Over-Achiever Package. If you sign up for Yoga or Spin classes you can buy 4, 8, or even 12 sessions at a time.

  • Do your individual session packages ever run out? Say I buy 4 group sessions, then go on vacation….will they still be good when I return?

    Of course! I understand things get in the way. Vacations, illnesses, etc. With a purchase of 4 sessions, you have 50 days until they expire from the time of your first visit! Lots of time for a week or two of missed workouts!

  • What exactly is Rush and how does it differ from Shredder X?

    Rush is my special creation. I am very confident about the need for strength training for endurance athletes. It gives way to several benefits that can dramatically improve times, prevent injuries, and build lean muscle. Rush is designed to incorporate pre-active isolated stretching, ROM improvements, running form/technique, strength, core, and small amounts of conditioning. I currently have many runners who see strength and race time improvements each week!Shredder X is a shorter ( 35-45 Minute ) workout that is VERY intense and designed to improve strength and conditioning. I use every piece of equipment available to me and construct progressive workouts designed to accommodate EVERY client’s needs. In this session, you will burn the most calories humanly possible in the given time frame, develop lean muscle, burn fat, and enjoy being pushed by the many members who are there supporting and working hard themselves. It is very important you come 10 minutes early and get yourself warmed up and ready to go by the start time!

    We are currently looking to re-establish Rush with the opening of our new facility! If you would like to be apart of the Running Team at OAF, please send an email to Mike directly at mike@over-achievefitness.com.

  • What if I am not at the same fitness level as everyone else? Will I be able to keep up?

    No need to worry! The beauty of my workouts is that they can be easily adjusted to fit individual fitness levels . That is, every exercise can be regressed for beginners or progressed for elites. In addition, as the classes begin to fill up, beginner and advanced sessions for Shredder X will be added.

  • What is the difference between an enrollment and the other payment options?

    The main idea behind the enrollments are the “auto-payment” feature….this enables your bank account to automatically be withdrawn of the appropriate funds through the desired term for your convenience. This way you never are guessing about when and how much you owe.Enrollments offer longer durations at a lesser cost and help you commit and attend class more regularly, leading to better results. Over 99% of OAF members stay committed for the long haul after seeing the results they get.

  • Why do you want my e-mail address? How does it benefit me?

    By signing up and giving me your e-mail, you are GUARANTEED to receive promotional discounts, updates on the facility, our workouts, members, equipment, etc. I do NOT share this with anyone or any other software other than the one built into my site. You only benefit from signing up!

  • Can I just pay to workout here? Can you design a program and I come do it on my own time?

    Yes! You always have the option to pay for a basic gym membership. This will not include group sessions. You can also get a fully customized program created by me for your desired goals!

  • What do I do if I want out of my enrollment with OAF?

    Just fill out the Program Cancellation Request. We’ll be sorry to see you go!

Bootcamp FAQ’s

  • What is Bootcamp?

    OAF Bootcamp is not your typical “drill sergeant & whistle” workout. We use our knowledge and expertise to come up with a strategic plan for each day to enhance your experience as well as your body image! Our workouts keep you motivated, losing weight, and coming back for more! Before you workout, make sure you fill out our PARQ Form Here.

  • What do the workouts consist of?

    Our workouts consist of a variety of training involving endurance, strength, power, and explosive speed. We commonly use dumbbells, kettlebells, plates, TRX, sandbags, bands, medicine balls… and much more. Each workout is different, and will leave you burning calories for up to 48 hours AFTER your session!

  • What if I feel I am unfit or have a nagging past injury?

    At Over-Achieve, we do our very best to accommodate EACH member. This is NEVER done at a globalized gym. With each workout, regressions and substitutions will be announced for those dealing with injuries. Our staff also is here to help! With each workout having at least two trainers, you can be assured one will stop to help you with an alternative! With respect to injuries we do our best to modify exercises to help rehabilitate the affected area or to avoid it if need be.

  • I can feel intimidated in a group workout setting, is Bootcamp for me?

    At Over-Achieve Fitness we continually strive to create an accepting and nurturing community during the workouts. We are often called “the OAF family,” and for a good reason. By attending the same bootcamps you will create relationships that will last a lifetime, and you will no longer be “on your own” when it comes to your training. Also, our Private Facebook group keeps EVERYONE in check and motivated on a daily basis! One of the biggest perks of joining our facility! Also, research shows that working out in a group leads to better results and better adherence to a fitness regime long term!

  • Can I fit it in my budget?

    While our bootcamp programs are slightly more expensive than a standard gym membership, we work hard to make sure you get all the benefits of having a personal training (form corrections, effective workout planning, motivation, accountability and a uplifting community atmosphere where you are called by name and cared about!) at a fraction of the cost of personal training. By committing to your health and fitness with unlimited bootcamp you will find a huge return on your investment in physical, mental and emotional fitness that will exceed your expectations, we guarantee it! Some will tell you, “is your $3 coffee worth it?” Because that can almost take of your monthly rate at OAF! It really is where your priorities are!

  • Women & Strength Training?

    Of Course! Women who strength train experience an increase in energy, stamina, strength, and toning, while seeing decreased risks of osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. The myth of women gaining weight from strength training has been a joke for centuries now, and rest assured, you will be backed up by our 100% guarantee that you will look and feel better!

  • Cancellation Policy

    Our #1 Priority is YOUR RESULTS! That means, if you are unhappy with your training and results within 30 days of purchasing your enrollment with us, we will gladly refund you and try our best to point you in the right direction. Mike has a high belief of his program, and knows that when committed, you will see results. If you are past your 30 day date, a written letter to Mike can be submitted and approved by him only.

  • Isn’t Bootcamp just for women?

    Stop the thinking that bootcamp is for women only. Our males actually have a higher weight loss percentage than the females! Our workouts are perfect for both genders, and we even love the husband and wife battles!

  • Is Nutrition and Diet Important?

    Nutrition is very important! That is why we take pride in doing our best to promote diet and well being, as well as fitness.

    To kickstart your health and fitness we provide a sample meal plan, grocery lists, recipes, pre & post workout nutritional information, and a lot of other fun ideas to try!

    Our nutritional information is great to try and very easy to follow. It by no means leads to crash dieting, and they will give you a guide to what is right and wrong, as well as popular myths you may have been lied about.

    This will lead to longer term more manageable changes that you can carry with you the rest of your life.

    We also have a Nutritional Coaching program available if you are looking for a more intensive nutritional program – please see the Services tab for more info!

  • Post workout soreness

    After your first workout, you have a good chance of being pretty sore! This is COMMON, and actually a good sign that your muscles were being worked and your body is raving with a spiked metabolism to try to rebuild and repair!

    We are happy to provide some information on decreasing the pain from Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS):

    1. Warm up properly (before any physical activity) to increase blood flow and prepare your muscles for exercise.
    2. Take time to cool down and stretch after every workout – stretching all of the muscles you worked will not reduce the pain immediately, but may realign damaged tissue and help prevent stiffness.
    3. Have a protein filled snack within 30 minutes of your workout to help kickstart the rebuilding and repair of your muscles.
    4. Don’t use heat, such as a hot bath, to treat DOMS – you might feel better at the time, but heat increases inflammation in the body and may prolong the pain! Ice is great, 20 minutes at a time at the most.
    5. Try to avoid ibuprofen(i.e. Advil)! It actually breaks down muscle so try to manage the pain with other ways and if necessary, opt for acetaminophen(i.e. Tylenol).
    6. Massage will help release some of the tension after a workout and is proven to increase blood flow and decrease recovery time.
    7. Keep moving!! If your legs are super sore you will actually benefit a ton from going for a walk or a bike ride to help get the blood flowing and you will heal faster than if you just stay sedentary.
    8. Don’t give up! With regular exercise, the incidence and intensity of DOMS will decrease, as your muscles get accustomed to the new challenges placed on them they will start to adapt.
  • Supplements – good, bad, and ugly

    The truth is that many supplements are loaded with – fillers and junk that make the product ineffective and potentially dangerous. Only high quality and high-grade supplements produce great – results that you can see and feel right away.

    At O.A.F. we use Body Nutrition Products. They have a premier line of cross filtered whey protein, that is not filled with the garbage and fillers 90% of the powders on the market contain.

    The top 3 supplements we recommend for general health are:

    1. Protein Powder
      • Processed so protein content is maximized and saturated fat carbohydrates are minimized.
      • Proven to increase your lean muscle mass and thus your metabolism so you will burn more fat.
      • The protein from BN has many different types, and they can be read about HERE.
    2. Multi-vitamin
      • To fill the holes of our less-than-perfect diet.
    3. Omega 3
      • Boosts metabolism by increasing efficiency of cells(helps weight loss efforts).
      • Reduces inflammation in the body.
      • Increases immunity to diseases and supports emotional health.
  • Can I get a pass to workout on my own?

    At OAF, we do offer an “Over-Achiever” package that has the option to workout at your own time. This Package includes:

    • Unlimited Access To Our Facility From 5:30am-9pm
    • Use Of Locker Rooms & Showers.
    • Unlimited Access To ALL of our workouts, consisting of, Shredder, Crush, Bootcamp, Yoga, and Spin
    • 2 Free Privately Based Sessions Per Month To Keep Your Training on a progressive plan.
    • A private based coaching call weekly from Our Staff to discuss your training and answer any questions you might have.
    • Free O.A.F. Hoodie.
    • Free Line Of Body Nutrition Products For One Month.

    Stop the thinking that bootcamp is for women only. Our males actually have a higher weight loss percentage than the females! Our workouts are perfect for both genders, and we even love the husband and wife battles!

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