These sessions will be taught for three weeks for those interested in learning technique with the barbell. Lifts can be VERY complex, requiring lots of mobility and neuromuscular control which can be problematic for many individuals. Performing the lifts without proper muscle activation and synergies can lead to compensations or injury so learning the technique and improving on these potential issues can be a big progression to your fitness and development! Session sizes are limited to have more one-on-one attention as Mike takes his time to correctly provide decisive movement patterns to enable the safest and most effective progression!

This workout is designed primarily to teach proper mechanics and kinematics of the barbell with main lifts used in Shredder. Once mobility issues are resolved and bar technique is passes, more complex olympic lifts can then be implemented in these sessions. This workout is CRUCIAL for learning bar technique, especially since the staff at OAF will NOT spend group fitness time helping people with bar work that have never used it before. The group sessions are meant for intense training and not teaching. If you are new to OAF and want to learn the ins/outs of Olympic and compound lifts, this is a perfect start for you!

Sign up today or BOOK an appointment with one of our staff and purchase a “barbell teaching session.”

Friday by appointment and Saturday @ 10:30am