Join the Inner Circle

Work With Me to Get the Coaching & Support You Need to Build Your Ideal Body & Your Ideal Life.


  • Customized Nutrition Plans and Recipe Books
  • Customized Nutrition Plans and Recipe Books
  • All Day Everyday full support and chat availability
  • Easy access to me and my coaching stuff
  • Extensive Library of resources including everything from:
  • Grocery Store Guides
  • 100+ HIIT Training Workouts
  • Access to my best selling cookbook
  • Weekly videos on nutrition, training, workouts, and motivation
  • And much more. Content added weekly

“Mikes Inner Circle Coaching”

What is it?

This program is for those looking to make changes physically and mentally for their health. No gym membership is required. So many of us in today’s world are super busy and are cut on time for their training. This program gets you the workouts, nutrition and support you need all at a low cost.
You can lose up to 21lbs a month and drop serious fat and transform your body and mind with my coaching. This plan is for those SERIOUS about change though, and you MUST apply to get into our program.
Can you cancel at any time?
Of course. You are billed $14.99 as long as you need. Everything is month to month.
What is included in the inner circle?

You will get access to ME. Being a trainer of over thousands of people since 2010, it makes it very hard to divide myself into numerous people to give everyone the attention I needed. So I created the inner circle so that everyone can train with me, get workouts from me and support, advice and anything you would need.

You get:

  1. Private access to our Facebook Group
  2. Nutritional Programs and Support
  3. Motivational and Encouraging posts 
  4. Accountability and Check Ins
  5. Coaching Calls
  6. Video Library For Workouts and HD Demo Videos
  7. Live Q n A’s with Mike and his team
  8. Goal Setting
  9. Meal Plans & Recipes


What to expect?
As a Member of the Inner Circle You Will:

      • Achieve goals you never thought possible
      • Shed stubborn, ugly, unwanted body fat
      • Reach new levels of self-confidence
      • Have more energy than ever before
      • Learn proper eating for optimal lifelong health
      • Become healthier & happier
      • Fall in love working out & eating right
      • Be more successful in every single area of your life
      • GET ME…I charge $125 an hour but this program gets me at a fraction of the cost so I can help MORE people around the globe!


      What is accountability?

      Accountability & Support From Our Community and Coaches

      I am big on accountability so have weekly progress check-ins set up to ensure you are making progress towards your goals.

      Inside the Inner Circle we talk all things:

      • Fitness and Nutrition related
      • Mastering Mindset & Self Confidence
      • Business/Career Success
      • Personal Relationships
      • Wealth
      • Healthy Habits

      We all share our struggles and success to help you overcoming whatever obstacles are currently holding you back in your life. Many close, personal friendships have been forged inside the inner circles virtual walls.


      Will my nutrition plan be for ME?
      Yes! Our 48 hour fat loss portal is yours 100% to use, read, and help with making the right plan. There are custom plans built in for exactly what goal you have in mind and if your plan foes not seem to work we will adjust it right away.
      What are the workouts like?
      Don’t worry! You dont need crazy amounts of equipment. Heck, you dont need anything…..but if you happen to have a set of DB’s and a band you will be set! A KB….even better! All the workouts are 30 minutes or less and will guarantee results when you stick to the plan.
      Will this program get me results?
      YES! If you follow the plan, do the workouts, and stay engaged in our group and are positive you will see the results you need. Fitness works this way. You get out of it what you put into it!
      What if I don’t have more than 30 Minutes to exercise?
      That is all you need. There is nothing to worry. As long as you follow our plan and get on your calls you will see results. It is all about how hard you work and the effort you put into it!