(Our bar lifting workout for more advanced athletes looking for strength)

After seeing and being apart of college strength & conditioning programs, crossfit, and basic body-builder plans… Mike has developed a group workout revolving around all bases to ensure the most effective results.

Welcome to Shredder. Periodized strength training that trains his members as if they were athletes looking to get stronger, faster, and leaner.

This workout lasts an hour which includes a fast paced dynamic or active-isloated “mobility” based warm up. What follows is programmed strength that invokes full body conditioning. The outline is primarily based upon Knee Dominant, Hip Dominant, Complexes, and Upper body focus Days that all entail core conditioning and finishers.

This workout is meant for athletes who ALREADY have been taught proper use of the barbell and are a normally routine gym member.

Mike will instruct and lead the members through the outlined template but will be there more as a coach rather than a motivator since this group of members are usually intrinsically driven!

If you would like to get into Shredder but have not learned bar technique, please sign up for an instructional barbell session with staff member, Corbin Sipe. He will ensure your progression and kinematics of proper usage and function of the barbell, enabling you to join shredder!

(Monday-Friday @ 5:30pm / Saturday 9:30am)