These are the men and women who make O.A.F. perform at peak performance day-in and day-out.

Mike Over

Mike Over, Owner/Trainer

Jeremy Carpenter

Jeremy Carpenter, OAF Strength Instructor

  • Jeremy Carpenter, Bootcamp Strength Coach. I have been working out myself now for about 10 years. When I first started I didn’t know anything about anything other than it was time to do something about my weight and get into shape. Over the years I have gained knowledge and knowhow about fitness and nutrition to help me along the way. For about 4 to 5 years now I have been focusing on bodybuiding/powerlifting style workouts. I was previously certified through ISSA (International Sport Science Association), but almost a year ago I let my certification go as I was working so many hours at another job that I didn’t have time to train anymore. Recently my schedule has opened up to allow me to start training again and I couldn’t be happier about it.
  • Favorite exercise I would have to say would be barbell back squat for multiple reasons. It is very functional and strength gains in squatting can easily transfer into real life everyday advantages. Proper squatting helps strengthen the core and protect against injury, it works almost every muscle in the legs, and after a good set of heavy squats I just feel totally wiped out and I love it.
  • I love training at OAF because the clients straight kick ass for one (I haven’t met them all yet, but one day it will happen). I have met so many awesome people here that are just like me and helping them to be better than they were yesterday and seeing them progress and how happy it makes them is just the best feeling ever.
  • The biggest obstacle I’ve ever had to overcome would be the loss of my son in ’08 so SIDS. That was a time in my life that I just wanted to give up and lay down and die myself. But I couldn’t allow myself to do that, I had no choice but to stand back up no matter how much it hurt I had to fight it and move forward with life. It has been a long road and I have stood up and built strength to walk on my legs again. Not only for myself but my son wouldn’t have wanted my life to end that unfortunate day too. I can’t say it doesn’t still hurt today, but I can say I’m glad I’m still here to feel the pain.

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Gretchen Mellot

Gretchen Mellot

National Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, Nationally Certified Paramedic, Certified Personal Trainer.
-I’ve independently worked out since I was 17 at different local gyms, I began training about 2 years at OAF.
-The hardest part for me in the gym and out of the gym is stepping out of my comfort zone and being confident in my knowledge.
-Fave exercises aren’t Deadlifts and Squats, lifting heavy makes me feel so strong and like I can accomplish anything. DB Snatches do the same for me.

Melanie Lowe

Melanie Lowe, Small Group Instructor

My name is Melanie Lowe and I’m a small group trainer here at Over-Achieve Fitness! My Bachelor’s Degree is from Messiah College, where I majored in Sport & Exercise Science and minored in Nutrition. I’ve held multiple certifications from the National Strength & Conditioning Association, USA Weightlifting Organization, and the Athletic and Fitness Association of America. I’ve been helping people get fit and functional for over 12 years. Personal training, along with group fitness, is truly my passion and I have many long time clients.
My favorite exercise is the deadlift. I love it because it is a functional compound movement that basically works everything! Plus, there are so many awesome variations you can do to challenge your body and keep things interesting.
I love training at OAF because the facility and equipment are second to none in the area. However, the members, along with the other trainers, definitely put it over the top for me.
I think one of the biggest life obstacles I’m (still) working to overcome is my perfectionistic tendencies and my own self-limitations. As a trainer, I always feel extra pressure to perform at a certain level, and if I can’t meet that expectation I sometimes shutdown or come up with excuses why. I think that’s how a lot of us tend to approach certain parts of life, in general. We may excel or be comfortable with our strengths, but when faced with the unfamiliar, or pressed upon our weak points, we retreat. Over-Achieve has pressed me in so many uncomfortable ways, but the reward has been exponential growth! Not just physical growth, but mental and emotional growth, as well. I’m thankful for the accountability and the chance to work through my weaknesses, stay challenged, and hone my strengths. Never turn down an opportunity to become a better version of yourself!

Josh Kline

Josh Kline, Trainer

Elyse Fisler

Elyse Fisler, Spin Instructor

Aaron Cox

Aaron Cox, Manager, ACE Certified Personal Trainer and ACE Certified Youth Fitness Specialist

Born and raised in Chambersburg. High School track and field athlete. Played hockey at Kutztown University. Enjoy obstacle course racing and spending time with family.

Favorite Exercise: Box Jump, because as an athlete I enjoy explosive and powerful movements

I enjoy training at OAF because of the sense of community we have. We are truly a big family and I have the ability to train all different types of people from elite athletes to those just starting their Fitness journey

Biggest life obstacle would have to be deciding to leave my previous job to pursue my passion in Fitness and helping people. It was a terrifying decision but I have no regrets and love every minute of my new career.

Favorite quote: Daring to risk it all to reach a goal enables the good to be great and the great to achieve greatness.

Mari Over

Mari Over, Trainer/Admin

Lara Cubbage

Lara Cubbage, Yoga

Certified Yoga Instructor from Mount Nittany Institute of Health and Healing in 2010,
Yoga practitioner since 2017

Favorite exercise: yoga pranayama (yogic breathing)—>elicit deep relaxation and immense health benefits

And DB snatches because they are a dynamic power movement and I feel strong when I do them:)

I also love prowler pushes because they are good for my knees.

What I love about teaching at OAF: everyone who comes to class has also been through bootcamps: I have a good idea of what their bodies and minds have endured through the week. So I can help lead them into poses that cater to their needs: tight shoulders, hips, backs…whatever it might be. And sprinkle in a bit of mindfulness/awareness of breath and mind along the way.

Biggest life obstacle: currently navigating my emotions as my teenage son, Dylan, is maturing and not around for me to see him as often as I’d like. I miss him but at the same time happy to see him having friends, doing good in school and his sports. Motherhood is my joy and challenge!

Brooke Delancy

Brooke Delancy, Trainer/Intern, Bachelor’s degree Exercise Science, TRX certified

I was a dancer for 15 years, specializing in ballet/pointe, tap, jazz, hip-hop, lyrical, and modern. I also played softball starting when I was 9 years old, all through my Junior year of high school. I was a part of a traveling tournament team and the shippensburg greyhounds. All throughout my childhood, till this day, I have always been very active and aware of my health & body.

What is my favorite exercise & why?
Deadlift, because it is truly a FULL BODY exercise. It accounts for overall strength & development. It works the whole body, especially the core! If you deadlift regularly, it also has a great impact on grip strength. Grip strength is very important for injury prevention! 😊
Why do I love training at OAF?
I love training at OAF for multiple reasons. The atmosphere is such a supportive, encouraging, family-like environment that makes it enjoyable to train in and be a part of. The members are great and work so hard during bootcamps and the other various classes that we offer, which makes my job even more exciting and humbling. Everyone is so appreciative of the hard work that I put in and I am always encouraged to be the best trainer that I can be!
What is the biggest “Life Obstacle” that I have had to overcome?
Yeesshhh, this is a hard one! First off, I have had many but what is common amongst them all is that, our trials and tribulations can make or break us, but I have allowed them to shape and mold me into the person that I am today and I will continue to do so. However, since this is my trainer bio, I will give you one that is fitness related. I would have to say that my biggest fitness obstacle would be the idea of loving yourself at every step of your fitness journey. I was never satisfied, did not enjoy the small leaps and bounds, but was always reaching for more and more, making myself never feeling satisfied or successful. Fitness and our health are a lifelong journey that should be enjoyed and appreciated. Understand that life is constantly evolving, and it is important to be mindful and enjoy every step of the way!

Donnie Carbaugh

Donnie Carbaugh, Trainer