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You have just taken the first step on your journey to claim Your New O.A.F. Body. It all starts with a decision, then taking action on that decision and YOU DID IT! I am so proud of you for contacting me!

Another way I want to encourage you to TAKE ACTION is do these steps below, immediately! Please answer these questions in detail before our appointment. We WILL get you results, it’s what we do!

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    How has your life been affected because of the weight or lack of physical fitness?
    Your marriage, not dating, your family life, your career, etc.

    How has your energy level been? How has it affected your life?

    Have you been unhappy or even depressed about this? Why?

    Has your self-esteem been affected?
    In what way? How has it affected your life?

    What frustrates you the most about your excess body fat?

    How long have you been struggling with the weight you are? How many years?

    What was the defining moment or thing that happened that made you actually look into this program? Was it a picture you saw of yourself, someone said something, you tried on a certain pair of pants and they didn’t fit? What was it that made you actually get online and look into this?

    Why are you FINALLY fed up with this and ready to take action and make it better?

    What’s it going to be like having the body that you want?

    Why now and not 6 months ago? What has changed in your life or within you that makes you want to do something about it NOW?

    What are your very specific goals? Not just “I want to lose a certain amount of weight” but WHY do you want to lose it? What will losing the weight do for you?

    What parts of your body do you want to see change?

    What size pants or dress are going to get into with your NEW OAF Body?
    (this is individual for everyone, your OAF Body size may be a 10 and you will be happier than ever)

    Approximately, how many pounds do you want to lose?

    What is your goal weight? If you don’t have one, no problem.